1.Danang Foodie & Sightseeing By Night

*Tour introduction:

Departure time:6.pm daily.
This is one of our most famous tour so far in Danang city.On the back of the bikes with our Aodai riders and guide to explore the most sightseeing places by night and discover various local foods from main entree including seafood to  the best Vietnamese dessert.So save your appetite,delight your palate ,let us fill your tummy with delicious Vietnamese local foods and explore the beauty of Danang when we zip you in places by places.
* Tour Program:
Our Aodai sisters pick up you at your hotel on the Aodai scooter and they ride you on the street at the same time with local peoples hang out for their eating and drinking in the evening.And you can feel the real smell of cooking from Vietnamese families on the street alleyways we take you visit with.
Firstly,we ride you to visit the local market and flower market then to try My Quang(Vietnamese Turmeric Noodles).

Mi Quang is Da Nang’s definitive dish, featuring rice noodles that are tinted yellow using turmeric and bone broth seasoned with fish sauce, black pepper, shallot, and garlic. Meat toppings include river shrimp, boiled quails eggs, and roast pork, though some eateries use fish, chicken and beef slices. Lastly, the ensemble is topped with an array of fresh herbs such as basil, peanuts, coriander, lettuce, sliced banana flowers, and sesame rice crackers. You can also opt for chili peppers for a spicy kick to the ensemble.Our peoples can enjoy this food for breakfast,lunch and dinner.

Secondly,we visit the Su Nu pagoda(the place only for female Buddhist monks practicing with many stories from our Aodai sisters about its own histories) or visit the Cathedral Church,a famous church in Danang built by French.After that we visit Dragon Bridge,Love Bridge,Han River Bridge,etc.

Thirdly, we ride you down to the center to enjoy the best Nem Lui(Lemongrass Pork Skewers).It is a traditional snack that originated from Hue, but is available in Da Nang. Also known as lemongrass pork skewers, the meat is a mixture of milled pork, pigskin, pig oil, salt, pepper, sugar, and a locally grown spice. The skewers are then grilled on a coal stove before served with a side of rice paper, fresh herbs and vegetables. As with any delicacy in Vietnam, you can also add chilly slices and dip it in dumping sauce for added flavor.

Fourthly,we keep up riding you to the best local BBQ place with Vietnamese style on the dinning table with a big selection of fresh seafood like squid,prawn,claim,etc.

Or If you prefer to have various meat like beef,rabbit,wild big or chicken,etc.We are delighted to serve you.
At the final stop,we  visit the best local sweet soup place to enjoy the Coconut Jelly.It is light, refreshing with just the right amount of sweetness,the best desert of Vietnam.
By far our most popular tour “Foodie & Sightseeing By Night” is a fantastic fun and perfect way to discover some of lesser  known dishes that local peoples love to eat.
*Tour include:
Drop and pick up on Aodai scooter.
-One item of soft drink or beer/guest.
 -Tour insurance.
 –Lovely farewell gift.
*Tour Price:
-40 USD/pax
-Children(4-11),seating with family,half price with adult.
-Teenagers(12-17),same price with adult.
-Children under 4,complementary.
 * Tour Notes:
-Guests stay from Hyatt to Ocean Villas Resort,We surcharge 7 USD/guest for drop and pick up on our Aodai scooter.
-For the tour by private car,we surcharge 14 USD/2 guests(minimum tour run for 2 guests).